Electronic Medical Record

  • Natural flow of encounter data entry per Medicare Evaluation & Management guidelines. This results in accurate calculation of E & M code.
  • Your medical chart is then well documented and ready for any audit. Downcoding is now unnecessary.
  • Main E/M components’ levels are visible and updated in real-time as you enter the chart data
  • Configure easily or add “on the fly” frequently used diagnosis, procedures and other finding data elements to speed up data entry so that they are ready to be re-used the next time. The more you use the software, the faster it is to enter an electronic chart. Your familiar “super-bill” is mimicked through a simple customization process.
  • CCI Edits are incorporated to help doctors make better decision regarding bundling of codes before the claim is created, reducing the risk of rejection and unfavorable service fee payment.
  • Local Coverage Determination (LCD) is incorporated to guide doctors in linking codes before the claim is created, reducing the risk of rejection.
  • Select and search with confidence ICD9, CPT4 and HCPCS codes from up-to-date database. New ICD 10 codes are now available.
  • Pre-establish connection between a CPT code¹ and one or more HCPC code to speed up data entry and minimizing the risk of HCPC codes being forgotten.
  • Search with ease patient’s medical history and pull up a large combination of items.
  • Attach scanned or imported images or documents to the patient’s chart for a more “paperless” experience. View them side by side to learn about history and evolution of the patient’s condition.
  • Quickly instruct the front desk to set up next appointment when the patient checks out simply by recording the follow-up time frame in the electronic chart.
  • Total integration with the Billing module means the patient charges are visible to the Billing module immediately after the physician approves the chart, and the corresponding claim can be reviewed and transmitted soon after.

¹ CPT Codes are copyrighted material from the American Medical Association