Our pricing structure adheres to the modern cloud architecture and philosophy: you pay what you use.
This “consumption model” brings fairness to your operating cost and has two components (price per provider per month):

  • Software License: $99
  • Tier 1: less than 300 procedures billed => $30
  • Tier 2: more than 300 and less than 600 procedures billed => $60
  • Tier 3: more than 600 and less than 900 procedures billed => $90
  • Tier 4: more than 900 and less than 1200 procedures billed => $120
  • Tier 5: more than 1200 procedures billed => $150


  • Software License.
  • Cloud HIPAA compliant Web Hosting.
  • Daily back-up of data with data encryption and redundancy.
  • All upgrades and fixes.
  • Regular data acquisition and refresh such as ICD, CPT codes (distribution license from American Medical Association), local coverage determination, Correct Coding Initiative.
  • CPT distribution license from The American Medical Association (annual user license not included).
  • Initial set-up with clearinghouse (monthly subscription not included).
  • Optional set-up with statement mailing company and/or Eligibility & Benefits verification (monthly subscription not included).
  • Initial set-up requests to insurance companies to receive ERA.
  • Full support! through secure on-line help desk or phone.
  • 4 hours of initial training.
  • In most cases, we can import your existing patient demographics data free of charge. Please contact us to discuss.
  • And… the first month is always free. There is no risk to try.