Connected, efficient, affordable Practice Revenue Management Solution… Your way

Designed to bring the highest level of efficiency to your medical practice revenue management, Medficient offers very affordable integration with clearinghouses, third-party payment and statement services. Its web-based convenience is supported by HIPAA-compliant hardware platform and software architecture.

Customize it to your needs!

Electronic Eligibility and Benefits verification

Medficient can request electronic Eligibility and Benefits verification and process the reply from payers using ANSI 5010 270/271 standard subsets. With a click on a link on the patient insurance screen, you can get valuable insurance information like co-pay, deductible annual amount of the insured or of the family, etc. (subscription to clearinghouse applies).

Secondary claims

Medficient can transmit electronic secondary claims using 5010 standard. When the payment (either entered manually through the EOB screen or from the ERA screen) is posted, the secondary claim is created. It is then ready to be transmitted through the Transmit Claim screen. If an ERA payment from the primary claims was posted, payment information is captured and used to populate required fields for electronic transmission of the secondary claim.

Medficient has been a huge asset to our medical billing company. The software is user-friendly and we have found it to save our company time when it comes to data entry, ERA posting, statement processing, etc. The technical support provided by Medficient is superb. If we have any questions about the system, we will usually have our answer solved within hours. The personalized attention is unmatched by any other billing software company I have ever been involved with. Medficient has the capability to be customized to your individual practice needs. I highly recommend Medficient for the medical biller who wants to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Marcy M.

Kelco Medical Services – Owner